The Bible Line - June 5, 2018

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Should a person be a member of a Bible-believing church in their community to support that church or is it okay to be a member of a church that could be 40 miles or so away from their community?  Also, is it scriptural to attend special events at a different Bible-believing church?

Are there Scriptural reasons for a Christian couple to separate.  The wife and a child are being abused emotionally and verbally by an alcoholic husband/father and she has no interest in divorcing but wants to protect her child.  The wife has gone to counseling but the husband will not go.  What should she do?

A woman knows that we should trust in God for the number of children He gives us however her husband thinks they have enough children so he is getting a vasectomy.  She has been praying about this but he seems to be determined to go through with it.  Is there something she should say or should she just be obedient and let him have this procedure done?

What books or sermons would you recommend on the problem of evil?

Neal, TX - In Daniel in the chapter about his three men who were thrown in the furnace the Catholic NAB has a lot of extra stuff like long prayers and praises in the furnace and a cool breeze from the Angel of the Lord that protected them. It sounds pretty good. How do we know it shouldn’t be in there? Why were those parts taken out in the Protestant Bibles? I’m assuming the Protestant Bibles are correct.
PS. Why are the NASB and NAB right next to each other in the Christian bookstores now that they all pretty much have started selling catholic stuff in addition to the original Bible-believing stuff? Do more Catholics accidentally buy NASBs or do more protestants accidentally buy NABs? 

Leonardo, Enfield, CT: I am studying The book of Revelation with you and am in the 8th chapter you are making a parallel with Mathew 24 in verse 6 Jesus tells them not to be frightened if he is talking to Christians and I assume he is why would they be frightened if they would be in Heaven at this point.