The Bible Line - July 11, 2017

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When was Artexerxes king? Our listener is reading Nehemiah and Ezra.  Also, are the two lists in Nehemiah a copy of the lists in Ezra or does he actually do a recount?

Bob, Seabrook, SC - It is estimated that we have 100 billion stars. Is it fair to say that we have 33 billion demons and 77 million angels? Also, is it true that angels are far more powerful than demons? 

A listener would like to know Pastor Carl's thoughts on what study bible would be best for her 14 year old son?

Sharlet Hull, Pomfret Center, CT -  Genesis 1:2 speaks of a formless mass of earth, then on the third day God created land. In trying to understand the difference between this earth and land, I stumbled across The Gap Theory (at something I never heard before. How is vs 2 of Genesis reconciled to Day 3 and what are your thoughts on the Gap Theory? Second question: where do the creatures we refer to as prehistoric fit into the account? Were the young of the species taken into the ark? How do Christians explain the discrepancy of when scientists say these creatures roamed the earth and when we believe creation happened? I've asked way more than two question. 😏 Thank you for your ministry. I belong to a local church whose doctrine statement mirrors the Community Bible Church. In the past few years I have used your sermon archives countless of times. Two days ago I discovered your podcast of Bibleline, subscribed, and listened to it during my entire drive from northeastern CT to northern ME (about 7 hours). Thank you for not watering down the scriptures. The Lord has used you to feed my hungry soul.

Our next caller would like to know when we are born again and we say we're filled with the Spirit, how does that affect us spiritually and physically?  Does the power of God give us physical strength as well as spiritual strength?  Also, do we use the term 'filled with the Spirit" loosely today?

Calvyn Coetsee, Hilton Head Island, SC When is your tour to israel?

Neal, San Padre Islands, Tx - is it scriptural to say "God bless you".  My grandmother used to say it.

Spencer, Locust Grove, VA: Will a person who is Jewish and dies without trusting Jesus for their salvation be saved? Some with this view cite Romans 11 and state that all of Israel will be saved. Is there hope for a Jew (simply because they are special in God's sight) who is dead and didn't trust Christ to spend eternity in heaven? Is there a name for such a position?