The BIble Line - July 10, 2018

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Our next caller says that he is aware of a church where the pastor and other members go to a bar where they drink and sing hymns as a way to witness and bring people into the church.  What would Pastor Carl tell this pastor?

When you own a business do you calculate a tithe on "gross sales" or do you calculate a tithe on the "owner draw" from the business that is put into your personal account used to run your house? Do you tithe pre-tax or post-tax?  The reason I ask this is when most people receive a paycheck payroll taxes are taken out before the money enters your "personal account". 

In Pastor Broggi's long walk with Christ, has he ever changed his opinion on interpreting other words, as he matured in Christ, did he change any of his views on what the Bible says?

When Hebrews 9:27 says "it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment", how does this apply to a person like Lazarus who was dead but brought back to life.  Did he have to die again?

Terry, Mars Hill, NC -  1) I have heard several people speak about the "Free Grace" theology could you address that 2) The two witnesses that John talks about in the Revelation Chapter 11, I have heard that many think that one will be Elijah and the other possibly Moses. In Hebrews 9:27 "Just as people are destined to die once" question is since Elijah did not die and Enoch did not die but both were raptured so to speak, is it possible that they are the two witnesses, who eventually die but raised 3 1/2 days after their death?

What is Pastor Carl's advice on how a Christian mom should deal with a grown daughter who is an unbeliever and tries to almost goad her mother by saying things like the "mom is a Christian when she wants to be" and other hurtful things? This mom prays for her daughter but what are other ways this mother can deal with a daughter who has bought into the lies of this world? 

Beverly, Derry NH - I appreciate your teachings and have been following you for years on WDER radio in Derry, NH, for the past 5 years. On April 16, of this year, I listened to your radio broadcast.  In that teaching, you mentioned the meaning of swearing to something by putting the hand under a person’s thigh.  I noted it, stuck the paper in my Bible, but the notes are incomplete.  If I remember correctly, it had something to do with the loins and the place from which the genesis of something begins.  Could you please send me a more complete explanation?  I had wondered about that for a long time.  Thank you.