The Bible Line - February 5, 2013

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Max from Portland, Maine: Is it a common belief among modern US evangelicals that atheists like myself actually know God exists but we are choosing to reject God rather than follow him? I've heard this idea often enough among evangelicals with whom I have engaged over the years that I thought I should put it to an active pastor.

These days, many young women who get saved have a pre-existing boyfriend that is not-born-again with whom they have been having pre-marital sex, and that boyfriend is the only person with whom they have had pre-marital sex.  In their minds, these women feel like they need to keep that boyfriend (and the pre-marital sex) because they think they will eventually legally get married.  This is a very common situation due to the immorality of today's youth.  What bible verses and advice would you give to these women?  I heard a recent survey that a significant portion of 'evangelicals' believe pre-marital sex is ok.  That doesn't make any sense!  If you believe that then you obviously are not a born-again Christian.  I find it hard to believe that one can be a born-again Christian for very long without hearing the Bible teachings against fornication.  Maybe these are the people that God is talking about in Revelation 9:20-21, "And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands... nor of their fornication..."

Scott from Seabrook, SC: How many temples have been built on the Temple Mount? I've always been under the impression that there were two (Solomon's Temple, and Hezekiah's Temple) but what about Herod's temple? Was that an addition to Hezekiah's?

Has Pastor Broggi heard about the book by David Barton on the life of Thomas Jefferson.  Also, what does Pastor Broggi think about those who say America is not a Christian nation.

What does Pastor Carl know about the book "The Harbinger". Is it a book for Christians?

Dan from Sommerville, Maine: I believe the Lord is calling me to seminary. Do you believe that the ThM program at Dallas Theological Seminary is as excellent today as when you went through?

Recently I was introduced to a "Prophetic Prayer Team" through a local Christian ministy. This group prayed with and for me and prophesied. I am aware of Romans and the spirtiual gift of prophesing. I am a new Christian and have mixed feelings about it. Where do you draw the line between spiritual gifts and mysticisam? Do people really have that gift? Do they really hear God speak to them? Thank you for your time and your ministry!

Craig from Manchester, NH: Thank you for your ministry. It touches my spirit. I have been introduced to it through WDER broadcast in Derry, NH. Might there be some time in the future when you will offer your service real time on Sundays? I am an active member in the fellowship of AA for some time and am seeking more with Christ.

Allison from Cullowhee, NC: I have two questions that are a bit controversial in the Christian world. First, I want to know what the Bible says explicitly about predestination and the limited atonement doctrine. The second question I have is can Christians lose their salvation if they denounce the Father's name and authority? Thanks!

Ryan from Cullowhee, NC: I heard I can request a copy of the handout on spiritual gifts (more specifically, the gift of tongues). Can I receive this handout to help me understand this better? 

Dennis from Oconomowoc, WI: we visited after Christmas and we were very impressed. I am in a prison bible study. We are studying "Can you lose your salvation?"

Jeff, Savannah, GA - Could you explain the Netzarim faith and how it juxtaposes with the Biblical Christianity we believe?