The Bible Line - December 5, 2017

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Gary, Yemassee, SC - Where was Lazarus …the days he was dead? (Absent from the body, present with the Lord, right?)

Emmanuel - Biblical Counseling seems to be a big debate (between what is Biblical Counseling, Christian Counseling, etc.) I am a student at Dallas Theological Seminary where they teach an INTEGRATION model based on secular Psychological principles and theories by Godless men, that filters the things that are Biblical Truth. We seem to go over Freud, Adler, Carl Jung, etc. more than the Scriptures (In my opinion). As I become more discerning and grow in knowledge on the Truth of God's Word, I become uncomfortable in some of the things I hear. I'm not clear on everything, but we are taught All Truth is God's Truth. While I agree all Truth is from the Lord, I wonder why if we find these "theories" in Scripture, then why don't we just stick to the Scripture. I'm not sure. In your opinion is the Integration model a violation of Psalm, one as it seems to be to me, considering you are familiar with the integration model?

What are the biblical reasons that allow for divorce and further what does the Bible say about marrying someone new after a divorce?
In Judges 11, was Jephthah's vow fulfilled or was it a vow of perpetual virginity for his daughter?
Is it biblical to not have wine during communion?

J'Lane, Yucca Valley, CA - What is your interpretation of Proverbs 22:6? I want to believe this proverb is a promise that if I follow God's plan and design for family and teaching and training my children, then my children will come to a personal faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. A more popular interpretation seems to be that this proverb is a principle that is sometimes true, but not always. Would God tell us in His Word how to train our children, but then leave the results to chance? I am a homeschooling mother of ten. All my children who are old enough to understand are following God. I don't take credit for that, but try to share that God's methods of family and parenting work. But others say not to give false hope to young parents or bring grief to older parents who have "failed." They say experience tells us that this proverb is a principle that is usually true, but there are exceptions. Could you help me correctly understand this verse?

Jeff H., Beaufort, SC - How should I respond to my female family member who uses Anna from Luke 2 as an example for why she should preach?