The Bible Line - August 8, 2017

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Joseph, Beaufort, SC - Our next caller would like to know if it's okay for Christians to invest in the stock market and forex (foreign exchange) trading?

Bill, VA and Luetrica, Sylvania Georgia - Pastor Carl mentions an NASB Version of the bible that you all use down in Beaufort. Which Study Bible do you all prefer?

Kathy, Seabrook, SC - In your Pneumatology lesson on May 31 you said
  • The Holy Spirit is the restrainer and He'll be removed when the Church is removed at the rapture.
  • The Holy Spirit is very much at work during the Trib- BUT his ministry will radically change after the rapture.
  • People will be getting saved BC the Holy Spirit is working.
These are heavy statements about God, the Holy Spirit and I do have many questions but I'll stick to 1 basic train of thought for now-
What Scriptures describe this "radical change" in the Holy Spirit's ministry and spell it out? This is very import bc-  HOW will Believers in the Tribulation reading the Bible know that the Holy Spirit's ministry as taught in the NT is not applicable to them?