The Bible Line - August 22, 2017

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Our next caller would like Pastor Broggi to explain John 10:10 in context and how that applies to modern day theology?

Sue, Beaufort, SC - I really want to know and pray God's promises. During my quiet time when I come across one that I think applies to me I write it down. I am up to 19 :)  I know that some of the promises are conditional and some are not meant for me by the context. What I am a little confused about is whether I can pray a promise for someone else's life. For example 1 John 5:14... If I pray according to His will, He says that He hears me and I have what I have asked of Him. If another believer, out of ignorance or weak teaching, is doing something clearly outside the will of God, can I pray that promise and have it be answered?  Also, James 1:5....Can I ask for wisdom for someone else? 

A caller says that she heard Dr. Broggi say that Joseph married a believing Egyptian.  This caller would like to hear Dr. Broggi talk more about this...

A caller would like Pastor Broggi to explain Psalm 2:11.
Joe M., Eastman, GA - Will the coming anti-Christ know that he is the anti-Christ?
G.S. Fayetteville, NC - I have the opportunity to teach at a local Christian college in my area (Fayetteville, North Carolina). The Issue: Each student (enrolled in the homiletic class) is required to prepare and preach a sermon, including the women. The college's President and at least two professors believe that the Scriptures do not permit women to be pastors or preach in the church (This is my position too). I am unsure why the President allows it in the homiletic class (maybe because of the board of directors, or that the student body mostly consists of students from churches that allow women to preach or pastor). The question: "Should I take the teaching position?"
If a believer dies in his/her sin and goes to hell is he/she able to continue to sin there or does he/she lose that ability?
Stacy, Bluffton, SC Was there ever a "Golden Age" of the United States?