The Bible Line - August 1, 2017

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Neal, San Padre Island, TX - Does Pastor Broggi have any messages on answering questions when witnessing to a Muslim or other religions may have about Christianity?

Danny, Bergenfield, NJ - Where did the people before Jesus came go? did they go to another place other than heaven? Was Abraham's bosom a waiting place until Jesus came?

A caller says that she has many unsaved Jewish friends who believe that when EZ 1:4-8 references  4 living creatures, it is referring to aliens.  How can this caller lead them in the right direction and explain that this is not what scripture says?.

Hilton Head Island, SC - When is your tour to Israel?

Pastor William Schuck, Jr., Harrisburg, Pa. - Pastor, Broggi, I just wanted to thank-you for your AIG World Religions presentation where you stressed the power of God's Word involving salvation. I left convicted concerning evangelization. Pray for me whenever God's Spirit leads. I am a Reformed Baptist and was just curious where you stand theologically and also if you have ever happened to read, "The Death of Death In The Death of Christ", by John Owen? Have a "grace day".

Sue, Beaufort, SC - Would it be safe to assume that drinking alcohol (even in moderation) would never be in the will of God for a believer. Unless they were dying?

Andre Claassen, Savannah - Could you please explain your view regarding predestination, or can you refer me to scripture. Maybe one of your sermons in Romans may help me. 

David, Bluffton, SC - Would like Pastor Broggi to address the Re-Engage Marriage Builders classes that are meeting Sunday evenings beginning this September.

A Listener in Guyton, GA. A few weeks ago in Mississippi, a six-year-old boy was kidnapped and murdered. What an atrocity committed against an innocent victim. While I understand God will judge us all one day, I’m left wondering if His wrath is the same for all sin. I know the Bible teaches that the wages of sin is death and therefore, the ultimate consequence of sin is eternal separation from God. While Christ died once and for all and incurred God’s wrath against sin, will there still be wrath against those who do not accept Christ and will the level of wrath be dependent on the “severity” of the sin committed?

Liz Milford, Bluffton, South Carolina - Have you given a sermon on Spiritual Gifts? Is it in Search the Scriptures? How do you find out what your spiritual gift is? Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter.