MFTH - January 11, 2018

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Hey Audrey! I have a mothering question for you when you have a sec! I struggle with impatience and lack of sympathy/empathy in parenting, especially in dealing with my son who is 4. He is majorly struggling with language barriers, an extremely strong will, control issues, an intense jealousy and fear of not having what others have, and MAJOR lying. It’s just been so hard, because he’s a lot like my oldest was at that age, so I parent/discipline him the same way I did her, but because he hasn’t been with me since birth, he doesn’t understand that I am doing it in love. And quite honestly, I shamefully admit that I have gotten to the point where I don’t do it out of love, but instead out of frustration and anger.  I get so angry when he lies or deceives or is blatantly selfish and disobedient. I know it’s a fear of lack of control. I just don’t know how to express to him how sinful he’s being, whiles the same time “dealing gently with the ignorant and wayward.” I am extremely discouraged and afraid that I’ve totally messed up. My big kids have started acting the same way toward him too...because of my poor example.  can you help me? 
"Hello. It has been a long time since I've been in touch with you. I used to go to your moms life years ago and now about 10 years later and five kids later, I have one child in high school and just wondered if I could get some advice. I know you're very busy! I was just wondering if you had any high school advice. You have been very successful with your children and I wondered what curriculum you used and if there was a particular website you can direct me to? High school is a bit overwhelming "
A home-schooling mom with a middle-school-aged child wants to know when it is appropriate to hold back a child. The boy is doing well academically, but she and her husband feel like an extra year to mature before high school may be a really good thing.
A caller wants to know if it is helpful and appropriate to teach your daughter to work for a paycheck when as a wife and mom she may not receive a paycheck.
Do you have any favorite books on raising girls (like on teaching biblical womanhood?).
Also another caller asks for resources for raising boys