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Search The Scriptures is a Non-profit organization that is entirely funded by donations and giving. Your gifts help us further The Gospel by paying for radio time and website improvements. We are deeply indebted to you because your prayers and financial support help make this ministry possible!

Foundation Partners

If you would like to become a Foundation Partner, please call Ed Vernoy at (843) 379-7425, toll free at (877) 787-7478 or by email at [email protected] Foundation Partners are those that pledge to give at a minimum $25.00 a month. As  a special thanks for their ongoing partnership, they receive a monthly CD and the quarterly STS Newsletters. 

No-Cost - Automatic Payment through your Personal Bank

Most banks provide a secure web site for their clients to setup automatic, one-time or recurring payments directly out of their accounts at no charge. All you need is our address and contact information to set up the payment account once you become an online banking customer with your bank. Additionally, the advantage of this system is the immediate knowledge and access to your payment history for accounting purposes. 

Low-Cost - Give By Mail

You can give by mail by sending a check payable to Search The Scriptures to:

Search The Scriptures

P.O. Box 600

Seabrook, SC 29940 

Not Your Tithe!

It is our firm belief that the Christian, as God's steward of His financial resources, should give their tithe to their local church. We welcome and greatly appreciate any gifts and offerings that come from discretionary money that you have set aside each month.



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