Speaking Guidelines

Dr. Broggi’s primary responsibility is to pastor Community Bible Church. For this reason, the number of outside speaking engagements he does each year is limited to the events that maximize the potential influence of the Gospel.
Generally speaking, Dr. Broggi cannot attend events that require him to be away from Community Bible Church on Sunday.

General Event Information

These questions must be thoroughly answered in writing and submitted either via mail or email ([email protected]).
  • Who is sponsoring the event?
  • What is the name of the event?
  • When is the event? Include exact dates (Without precise dates your request will not be considered).
  • What is the vision and purpose of the event?
  • How many different churches/organizations will be represented?
  • What is the doctrinal stance of the churches/organization sponsoring the event?
  • How many times would you like Dr. Broggi to speak at the event?
  • What time parameters would he have for each message?
  • What time (precise time of day) would Dr. Broggi speak during the event?
  • Will you provide Search The Scriptures with a master-quality audio and video recording of Dr. Broggi’s talks to use at STS's discretion?
  • What type of audience is expected?
  • How many listeners do you expect to attend? 

Location / Travel Information

  • Where is the location of the event?
  • What airport would Dr. Broggi fly into?
  • What is the travel time from the airport to the event location?
  • When do you expect Dr. Broggi to arrive at the event?
  • When will Dr. Broggi be available to return to Beaufort, SC?
  • Will you be covering all of Dr. Broggi’s travel expenses?
  • Would you cover the travel expenses for either Dr. Broggi’s wife (Audrey) or a male assistant to accompany him to your event?
  • Will you be providing Dr. Broggi (and any accompanying him) transportation from and to the airport? 
  • What is your contact information (i.e. phone number and email address) and what are the web addresses for the event/churches and organizations sponsoring the event?

STS Resources

  • Would you allow Search The Scriptures (STS) to set up a table display and offer free resources to your listeners? 
  • Would you allow for STS to sell Dr. Broggi’s books and audio recordings to those attending your event? 
Thank you for providing this information. It will be a great help as we prayerfully consider your invitation. We will get back to you in a timely fashion, and we hope and pray that Christ and the Gospel is magnified through your event regardless of whether or not Dr. Broggi is able to come.
In Christ,
Search The Scriptures